Hi Sunny,
Thanks again for a wonderful experience I had in  taking the Access Class.  I wanted to write to tell you that I have slept better for the last two nights since taking the course with you on Sunday then I had in a long time.
I know that this is the result of the work/techniques learned from the class.  I'm also handling a stressful life situation (as my partner moves out of my house) with more ease that I would have ever anticipated.  It's been a painful relationship for many years.
And if that's ALL I get out of the day it would be worth 10 times the price of admission!  But I have a feeling that I've only touched the surface of the benefits of this health care system.  I am dedicated to going all the way and am now signing up for the Basic Fundamentals course.
I also want to thank you for the very and patient and gentle way that you corrected my hand positions and tapping technique.  Never did I feel foolish or silly (as I have been feeling here at home for some time now).  The day in the Access class with you was a healing day in many ways and on many levels.  Thank you again for this wonderful experience.

Hi sunny,
I just wanted to write and say how wonderful the class was on sunday. it was a joy to be with you and meet these other nice women. i feel full of gratutude. i also so appreciate your loving nature and gentleness.
i have been using the bodytalk access on myself and my husband...and today will use it for our cats and trees. already i can see and feel the amazing power it has to bring to balance all levels of things.


My 3 ½ year old Golden Doodle Pup woke one Friday morning unable to stand without help, unsteady in her gait, confused, not knowing where to go. We took her to the Vet. and she began hallucinating, snapping and growling at the air. Upon examination the Doctor stated “her central nervous system is completely out of balance. She is hallucinating and her eyes are extremely dilated". It appeared to the Vet. she ate poisoned mushrooms. “Make an appointment for her first thing Monday a.m. with a Neurologist. at the Veterinarian hospital.” He added we could take her to the hospital to be monitored for 24 hours until her appointment Monday a.m.

Returning home, I contacted Chris Dickey CBP who came over and gave her a session. Bambi immediately calmed down and was completely relaxed. I then took her to the Vet hospital as I wanted her to be monitored. Upon examination at the hospital, the Doctor declared “there is nothing wrong with her central nervous system – it is perfectly balanced”. This was 2 hrs. after Chris’ session. He then added, “she is blind - both eyes are totally dilated.” I was instructed to cancel the appointment with the Neurologist and instead make one with the Opthomologist for Monday a.m. I left Bambi at the hospital for observation.

At home, I gave Bambi a distance session. This was Friday late afternoon.

I was contacted Saturday at 7:00a.m. by the Vet. Hospital. “Bambi is fine, her eyesight has returned to normal. You may pick her up.”

Thank you Chris Dickey, CBP

-Sunny Greenberg, the grateful mother.

I was singing solo in a concert when I began coughing and to hold back, I also began choking.  I saw Sunny concentrating on me and the urge to cough immediately stopped.  I told Sunny afterwards, “you did something because I saw you looking at me when I felt a shift and I stopped coughing.”  Sunny told me she tapped out my cortices mentally so as not to cause a disturbance.


My wife who was ill was visited by our cousin Sunny.  Two days into her visit, my wife got up from a nap and was disoriented, not responsive and wandering about.  Sunny told me to call hospice right away. She laid my wife down and tapped out her cortices, over and over for about 10 minutes until hospice came.  Suddenly, my wife awoke and said, “oh hello” to the hospice worker “you are here early.”  She was completely fluent, coherent, and aware.  After examination, the nurse could find nothing unusual with my wife.   Sunny showed me how to tap out her cortices which I continued to do on daily basis.  This reaction did not occur again.

-Fred H.

At the beach, a gust of wind came up just as my daughter was adjusting a large beach umbrella. The umbrella blew off of its moorings, flipped over and the long wooden pole crashed into my grandson’s face. He was holding his hands over his eyes, screaming. As his hands were pryed from his eyes, we were relieved to see that the injury occurred between his eyes. A very large contusion had already formed, the area was black and blue, and he was crying and suffering from pain. My daughter rushed him into the house with me following close behind and I immediately started fast aid. The implementation of Fast Aid was done three times. The contusion was all but gone as well as the black and blue mark. My grandson stated that the pain was gone. His major concern now, was that he wanted to continue with plans for the evening to play in a tennis match. At this point, my daughter asked me to give him a full BodyTalk session. A few hours later he went to play tennis.

-Sunny Greenberg


My daughter asked me to do a performance session for her son who was taking an admission test for academic placement.  The morning of the test, I was told “I knew he would do fine because he came down for breakfast light hearted, and happy.   He did very well.


-Sunny Greenberg

Getting off of a tour bus in Williamsburg Va., I saw a man behind me stumbling down the steps. He appeared dazed and confused, so I asked his companion permission to help him.  I led him to a bench where I proceeded to tap out his cortices.  After completing this, he immediately stood up and spoke to the small group that had gathered, “I don’t know what she did, but I feel great.”   He walked off steady in his gait.

A client contacted me in regard to a court hearing that was scheduled for her.  She was very nervous and concerned about the outcome to the point she was becoming very stressed out.  We did a performance session and the day of the hearing she knew that it would go well for her.  And, in fact it did go well.  She called to say how grateful and relieved she was.  “Justice did prevail.”

-Sunny Greenberg

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in September 2012 and started to see a physical trainer from late September 2012 to early December 2012.
September 18th, 2012 I went in for my first Sensory Organization Test (SOT), which came out to 43 %. In October 2012 I had a session from the BodyTalk Founder, John Veltheim and December 6th, 2012 went back for a second SOT test and the results came back at 75%!

The neurologist couldn't believe it and asked me what I did to achieve this in such a short time and I told him it was BodyTalk!


My client asked me to do a performance session for an operation on her mother’s knee.   The report was that all went well, physically as well as emotionally.  When able, her mother came in for an in person session.  Not only did she feel better then anticipated from the procedure, but she told me that she felt better then she had in many years.  She said she is very grateful to BodyTalk.

-Sunny Greenberg

Family problems were very serious in that I felt I was not fitting in with my relatives.  When I saw Sunny, I had lots of ache and pains.  Little did I know that these aches and pains were caused by my feelings towards my family.  Sunny did a family matrix and it amazed me that not only did my aches and pains go away, I actually enjoy being with my family!

-P. M.

I heard about BodyTalk that it is a great healing method and I booked a session with Sunny Greenberg. 10 Years ago on a date, I became the victim of a date rape. This came up in my session and it was really a life changer. I felt freed up from this experience, and I got a whole new outlook on life. I was able to walk away from negativity and changed careers. I am much happier now.


I was visiting with my 5 year old grandson the first day of his summer vacation. When we came in from playing outside, I noticed very large, oozing blotches on his back, chest, and arms area.  His mother had generously used sun tan lotion on his skin before he went out to play, but the blotches still occurred.  I told Sunny about the situation, and she gave him a session.  The skin problem was gone within 24 hours, and has not returned since.  This child is now 10 years old.


I had been scheduled to receive a prosthesis for below my knee, but was unable to do so because of bleeding internally and externally.  After three BodyTalk sessions with Sunny, the bleeding stopped and I was able to be fitted with a prosthesis.  I have been successfully wearing the prosthesis for the past two years.


I had an ex-ray taken that showed a kidney stone in my bladder. I could not expel the stone as it was too big.  The Urologist put a stent into my bladder in order to break the stone up.   After the stent was put in, I was experiencing extreme pain in the area and had great difficulty in being able to void.  I went to Sunny for a BodyTalk session and experienced an immediate loss of pain after the BodyTalk treatment.  I had a follow up appointment with the Urologist, and he gave me a second ex-ray.  The Urologist said the kidney stone disappeared.  Due to the BodyTalk treatment, my body was able to get rid of the kidney stone.

-c. k.

With BodyTalk treatment from Sunny my daughter’s mood improved to the point that she no longer needed anti-depressant medication.  It is two years later and she continues to be doing very well.  She is enjoying her life fully.

-c. h.

For many years I was tormented with extreme pain in my right shoulder.  I saw a pain management doctor for over a year with no relief from the pain.  I went to see Sunny and near the end of the session, I felt a warm sensation in my neck area.  The pain was immediately gone and it has not returned in these past seven years.

-h. g.

I thought of Sunny right away when my cat Sookie’s claw was torn off and bleeding.  Sunny did a remote session for her right away, and I was amazed to see how quickly her paw healed.  The next morning she was not favoring the paw or licking the wound area, and when I looked at the place where the claw had been, it looked healthy and calm.  I am grateful for Sunny and for BodyTalk!

-Denise the relieved cat mom

Sunny Greenburg's style of teaching "Access" was stimulating, informative and very respectful to the learning process of each student. Sunny was enthusiastic with when describing her experiences, demonstrating hand positions and checking each participant's work.  It was a pleasure to attend her class.  I would suggest that this be a prerequisite to Mods 1 & 2.  I certainly feel much more confident to tackle these two classes again. My Sincere Thanks to Sunny!

-Dr. Joyce Ann Jones



Dear Sunny,
Thank you for a wonderful class this past Sunday. It was very informative. I am really looking forward to taking more classes.

-Maria Huynh Cassan

A few days after taking Sunny's Access class Feb. 2015, my husband slipped on ice and fell down our front steps. He came in with shoulder and wrist pain and two of his fingers were black and blue like they were dipped in ink and couldn't be scrubbed off. I did the Fast Aid technique on him. A few hours later, he noticed that the bruises were gone. In fact, he was able to go to work as scheduled. I am a believer in BodyTalk - it is cool to see it and the results of the work for myself. Thank you Sunny!!!

-Maria Huynh Cassan

When I returned home from your Access class on 9/21/2014, I had a wonderful opportunity to practice what I had just learned on my 10 year old. I was greeted at the door by my daughter crying and greatly stressed out about homework and chores her father asked her to do. I practiced all five Access tools on her that I had just learned. She calmed down right away! You could tell she was immediately centered. She finished her homework, did her chores, and had enough time to read before going to bed. The next day, my older daughter came home early from school with a headache and feelings of nausea. I did the cortices implementation and she replied she belt better in just a few minutes. I am looking forward to practicing and seeing all of the amazing effects of BodyTalk. Thank you,

-Anne Susas